Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Wednesday wishlist #15

Another week, another wishlist, and this week in particular I'm feeling rather poor. My obsession with Pinterest is almost out of control as I'm on it daily pinning inspiration for clothing, home decor etc, but that's for another post! Another thing it's been doing though, is make me lust over some designer brands which I wouldn't necessarily even glance at normally. Therefore this wishlist contains some expensive, 'out of my budget by far' items. It's not too long before I finish uni now though and can actually get a job and money for some lovely new bits!

Motel Missouri Wrapover Skirt in White Waffle - £30.00
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I really like the wrapover skirt/skort trend but I like this one in particular as it's high waisted too! I can see myself wearing this loads over Summer so it might need to be an investment. I bought a few things in the Motel sale (the discount code works on sale items too) and I do not regret it one bit!

Soap and Glory Supercat eyeliner - £6.00
I've heard lots of good things about this eyeliner and I'm in need for a decent eyeliner so I think I might give this one a try. I've actually never been disappointed with anything from Soap and Glory that I've bought before, so fingers crossed this'll be as good as everyone says it is!

Dixi Nova Crescent Moonstone Ring - £24.00
I'm pretty much in love with everything from the new 'Thunder in our hearts' collection by Shop Dixi. This crescent moon ring with a moonstone added is my favourite of the lot!

Lime Crime Opaque Lipstick in the shade 'Retrofuturist' - £10.80
There's been such a hype around Lime Crime products recently, in particular their lipsticks. I do love spending a bit more money on lipsticks as they're my favourite piece of make up and my Mac lipsticks are the best! I'd probably start off with a red shade at first, then venture into some bolder colours if I like them a bit later. Please comment me if you know where I can buy Lime Crime in the UK :)

Wildfox Lolita deluxe sunglasses - £120.00
Okay so judging by all my charity shop and carboot sale blog posts, you can probably tell that I'm not someone to spend £120 on a pair of sunglasses, but I'm a teeny bit in love with these ones! I don't know if I could wear them though, I'd be scared of breaking them or sitting on them 24/7!

Mulberry willow tote in black - £1600.00
And if I thought £120 on some sunglasses was bad, then £1600 on a bag is definitely out of my price range! But a couple of my best friends have invested in Mulberry bags recently, and I must admit I'm a little jealous! This 'Willow' style is definitely my favourite as it's essentially a 2-in-1 bag as the front bit unzips to become a clutch bag!

I already have one of these clothes rails, and it is one of the best things I've ever bought! It holds the majority of my clothes, but when I finish uni and move back home I'd love to get another to put all my massive coats and Winter clothes onto, and then keep one for more Summer-y stuff as my current one is pretty stuffed full!

Topshop hydrate black and gold sandals - £22.00
I like to get myself a new pair of sandals when Summer finally arrives each year (my lovely Juju jellies swam off into the sea last year!) and I think these are gonna have to be the ones! With student discount added on top of this already cheap price, they're a right bargain and they look so much more expensive than they are!

Elegant Touch House of Holland 'Heartbreaker' nails - £7.99
I've been meaning to buy these nails ever since they came out, but being a fashion student you can't exactly get much work done with long nails, so I think I'm gonna buy them when I finish uni in May! They are such a cute little design! :)

Thanks for reading :)
Which was your favourite item?
Link me your own wishlist posts if you have them!
Love Dani :)


  1. Love the skirt and sandals, might have to purchase!

    Julia x

    1. Aren't they so lovely?!
      I think I'll have to purchase too! :)

  2. Those glasses aren't even a matter of want, but of need wahhh.. This is all so cute! Your style is so great because I would pick everything here lol!
    x Tequila Mockingbird

    1. Aww thank you Dayo! :)
      If only the glasses were a bit cheaper!

  3. i really want a clothing rail as well, I always see them in other people's room tours or on blogs and they just look so convenient!

    Yet Another Makeup Blog.

    1. I love my one that I already have, such a good place to store loads of clothes! :)

  4. Great wishlist! I really like the skirt and tote!

  5. Retrofuturist is one of my all time fav shades of red ever! :)

    1. Isn't it so lovely Nancy!? :)
      I think I might just have to invest!


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