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Wednesday wishlist: The massive birthday edition! #2

It's coming up to my birthday, well it's 6 days away to be exact, so I thought I may as well do a little birthday wishlist blog post! Being at uni and having no money means I have a wishlist the size of my arm (probably longer actually), but I'm so busy right now that there's probably no point in me having any of these things as 1) I'd have no time to wear the nice things out, 2) I'd have no time to read a book/take photos/get drunk, 3) I most definitely don't have time to be painting my nails... but here I am again, procrastinating by writing another blog post! I've actually already received most of my birthday presents early this year. My boyfriend paid for me to get a full body massage (which is exactly what you need to get in third year, it was amazing) and gave me a few little gifts before he headed to Canada last week. He's there for three weeks and is gonna pick me up a few goodies on his travels which is exciting! My best friend took me for a day in London (which I will write a full blog post on soon!), my mum is paying towards my Reading ticket in the Summer, and my dad paid for me to get my nose re-pierced and helped me out with a new printer as mine decided to randomly die just as I need it! On Tuesday I turn 23 years old, and in the words of Blink 182 - 'Nobody likes you when you're 23'... so here is a giant wishlist of things I don't need and don't have time to use right now - but they're still lovely :)

I've been lusting over this iPhone case for a little while now. You've gotta love Fifi Lapin and the pink tones on this particular case are lovely! Not that I really need another iPhone case just yet, but they do break all the time so I think this one is next on the list!
I'm probably the only blogger who doesn't have this book yet! It looks like a really good little read, and then it can look lovely as a coffee table book afterwards :)

The first time I saw these sandals were on the lovely blogger Charlotte Martin, and now I really want them for Summer! They have a really Birkenstock feel to them, yet won't flap about on your feet as you walk. I love that they have a little flatform on them too :)

A gorgeous crescent moon ring for only a fiver?! You really cannot go wrong with that! I might have to pop into the Drop Dead London store when I next go back home :)

How cute are these little house lanterns?! I'd like a few of them in a row to light up like a little village in the evening time in my front room!

I don't really need any more nail varnishes to be honest, but I love the look of these! I've never been someone who's any good at doing nail art, so these stickers look really easy to use and cute, and the pastel/floral combination is perfect for Spring!

The wishlist I have of things that I want from Motel Rocks is endless. You can get 20% off with the discount code 'FLORALDANIELLE' though, and I always take full advantage of this! This slip is so cute and could be dressed up with a leather jacket and heels for night time, or dressed down with sandals and a kimono for the day time :)

I recently treated myself to some Benefit products, and I love them! The foundation is really light and makes my skin look and feel lovely, so I'd really like to give their powder a go too, and see how well they work together!

Literally the other day I wrote a blog post about how much I'm loving my Flamingo Candles recently, and you can read all about it here. Next on my wishlist is this pink candle, which sounds like it would smell INCREDIBLE in my bedroom :)

I've become obsessed with this jacket. I haven't bought a new leather jacket in years, and I've not really had a reason to buy a new one, but this has caught my attention and I can't stop thinking about it! It is currently on sale (it was £75 before) and I think I'm gonna have to invest if they have any left once I've finish university! The sleeves are sheer so it won't be too hot, it could be my perfect Summer jacket! :)

Recently I heard about this brand through instagram, and I've fallen in love with this ring. The prices aren't in English but I'm sure it is £13 inc p&p which really isn't that bad - another item I might just HAVE to invest in after uni as I can't stop thinking about it!

I really like the look of the triangle bra trend but I've really not been liking the prices of most of them. But for just over a fiver, H&M have done it again and you really can't go wrong :) I'm gonna have a look when I'm next in town, and I really hope they have them in a couple of other colours too as they're such a bargain!

Disaronno 70cl - £16.00
This one is pretty self explanatory. Birthday = alcohol. I don't always drink Disaronno, mainly because of the price and sometimes because of the calories, but one of my favourite drinks ever is amaretto and cranberry juice... yum yum yum!
I came across this the other day when I was in Wilkinsons with my mum, and I've fallen in love with it! I'm turning my sisters old bedroom into a studio when I finish uni, and this would be so perfect on top of the white desk. I think I need it.

You can probably get this quite a bit cheaper than £90, but this is a full set package. I'm 99% sure I'm gonna buy one of these, but the photos are really quite small. Do any of you know how good the quality of the images are? I love the idea of having this though to keep for those special occasions :)

 I'm probably one of the only bloggers to not own a pair of shoes with a cleated heel yet. These are probably the nicest ones I've found yet that don't TOTALLY break the bank. A cheap-ish dupe of the Jeffrey Campbell Scullys, which look basically the exact same for half the price!

Thanks for reading :)
Is your birthday anytime soon?
Which items should I treat myself to after uni?
Love Dani :)


  1. I relate so deeply on the whole 'so many wants, so few funds' thing, I'm going through the same thing. I also really really love that polaroid camera and want one for myself desperately.
    By the way, I've just tagged you in one of my posts! :) x
    Tequila Mockingbird ♥

  2. I can't find the seller I got my Instax Mini from but this is a similar deal,
    Ebay is so good for them! The photos are quite small but they look so nice and the quality is fine for what it is :) Josie xxx

  3. I definitely agree with the Polaroid, I've been lusting after one for too long! I definitely recommend the Alex Chung book, it's so pretty and such a funny witty read tha looks great sitting on your bookshelf!


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