Monday, 4 February 2013

Lash Boutique fake eyelashes :)

I've always been a fan of fake eyelashes and love how they can make your whole face look different for a night out! I was kindly sent these eyelashes from Lash Boutique to try out and I wanted to save them for a good night out! I recently dyed my hair ombre for the second time and it went really auburny, so I thought my first night out after that would be a good time to wear them - a whole new look! The lashes are worn and loved by the TOWIE girls, and are so reasonable priced, I would definitely purchase myself some more for special occasions! :)

Fake eyelashes - £6.99*

They came in a very cute little box which I have kept for eyelash glue and other little eyelash bits :). They came with eyelash glue in them, which was an almost black liquid which I liked because I always get paranoid that white glue isn't going to dry clear and will be really obvious! They were surprisingly easy to put on and didn't leave a horrible sticky mess if you had to take them off to re-adjust the positioning of them, which I have to do multiple times when applying lashes!

Even though they're quite long, I think they looked really natural and not ridiculously obvious. I can't stand it when you wear fake eyelashes and it feels like you have a butterfly on your eyelid, so I was thankful that these were really light and I totally forgot I was even wearing them by the end of the night! I have kept them safe and will definitely wear them again as they have lasted well and the glue hasn't left them all sticky and bent out of place :)

Thanks for reading :)
Which are your favourite brand of fake eyelashes at the moment?
Have you ever tried a pair of Lash Boutique eyelashes yourself?
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  1. I haven't tried lash boutique yet but they looks great!
    To be honest I haven't worn fake lashes in years, I got pretty sick of them after being a dancer for years!
    - They really were like having butterflies on your lids hah!

    Kerys -ox
    Little Bo Blab

  2. I can never apply fake eyelashes because I end up with the glue everywhere but these sound really good, and you're right they don't look too unnatural.


  3. I have never heard of Lash Boutique but I am liking the look of these eyelashes!
    They look really natural.

  4. These look lovely on you! I tend to stay away from false lashes as I usually think that they look quite obviously fake on me but these are actually quite subtle and look more natural :)

  5. They look really good on you x

  6. These look great! So naturally long looking! xxxx

  7. These look really lovely and natural :) I tried false lashes back when I used to go out every weekend, but other than one time I could never apply them properly! These sound relatively fuss free though and I really love the way they look :) xx

  8. They look so pretty xx

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  9. Ooh these look great! I don't think they're that obvious either and I'd be inclined to wear them out in the day.

    Any advice on application? I have two pairs of fake lashes and I'm useless at applying them. Waa xx

  10. :O they look so pretty! Not at all 'OTT' <3

    Ellen xx

  11. Oh they look so pretty. I've never actually used fake lashes before, I'm not sure how skilled I would be at putting them on! x

  12. Those look really natural! I don't use some but Jade wears some every day! She's trying out a new brand at the moment, if you're interested the post will probably be live on Sunday :)

    The Style Rawr!

  13. wow, these look amazing! So natural! x

  14. These look gorgeous! Might try them instead of Eyelure next time

  15. These look lovely! I'm forever trying to find eyelashes that don't look like big plastic doll eye lashes. I might try these :)
    Hannah xx


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