Sunday, 10 March 2013

Enrapture Encode Totem Styler :)

Right now I'm sitting in bed, wondering why the hell it is March and it is snowing outside?! I swear this time last year we were all sitting out on the balcony in the sun with our glasses on! Anyways, I have a very exciting blog post today, a review of my lovely new hair curlers! :)

Before I got the Totem Curlers, the only two hairstyles I ever wore were up in a bun, or down and straightened. Now that my hair is starting to get longer, I really wanted to invest in a pair of hair curlers, and had seen a few blog reviews on the Enrapture Encode Totem Styler curlers. I loved the look of them, and with their multiple heat settings you can try all different types of curls, so when I was asked to review them, I jumped at the chance! I didn't want to write up this review until I had used them quite a few times and thoroughly understood how they worked, and I have used them many times in the last few weeks!

Enrapture Encode Totem Styler - £74.99*
I would go as far as describing these as the curler version of GHDs, or maybe even better because you can change the temperature and settings! They heat up properly in less than 10 seconds and have easy-to-use properties which I love! I have seen that they are currently only £45.99 here on Amazon so if you're thinking of investing, this is a good deal!

"Perfect for creating ringlets, bohemian curls or soft waves by encoding your look and adding style to short, medium or long hair. This next generation curling tool features a unique totem barrel that allows you to set the three zones to different temperatures using the encoder dial, resulting in an array of different curls."

I wait for the curling tongs to heat up and then I curl my hair section-by-section. The only setting which I have properly tried out so far is 1-2-3. The highest heat is 3 which means tighter curls, and the lowest heat is 1 which means looser curls, so this settings means looser curls on the top and tighter curls towards the end of my hair.

This 'mini clipper' is where you put the end of your hair that you are about to curl. It makes it so easy to twist your hair the whole way around the totem without getting tangled. The end of the styler also has a base that swivels the whole way around so they are really easy to use.

I absolutely love these hair curlers and have been using them for every night out I have been on since receiving them! The curls work really well once tied up in a ponytail too, and I'm really excited to play around with the settings and try looser curls and tighter curls when my hair gets a little bit longer!

I thought you might all appreciate this photo of how I used the curlers last week! I was Snow White, and this is my boyfriend, his sisters, sisters boyfriend and parents as the dwarves! :)

Thanks for reading :)
I will definitely be posting more blog posts about these curling tongs in the near future once I've experimented with some more of the settings!
Do you own anything from Enrapture UK? If not, what products are on your wishlist?
Love Dani :)


  1. Ooh those curlers sound fab, love the last photo, you look great :)

    Sophierosehearts x

  2. I have these too, and I love them :D xx

  3. ooh your hair looks lovely curly!

    Julia x

  4. I'm dying to give these curlers a try. I'm a devout wand user but getting very tempted by all the great reviews of the enrapture!

  5. They are a such an amazing styler! xx

    Gem ♥ | Miss Makeup Magpie

  6. Those look like amazing tongs, I need to try them, youre hair is lovely

    A little bit Unique


  7. Your hair looks amazing, such natural curls! xxx

  8. It looks great, really natural! I hate when curlers create ringlets xx

  9. I am loving your hair! I've been wanting to get these for a while I think you may have just made me want them even more! xx

  10. Is your hair coppery all over or is it ombre? It looks nice, Dani :) I'm trying to get my ends blonde at the moment and it's proving difficult! Ha. Xo

    1. It's pretty orange at the moment! I used the ombre kit, but it was jet black before so it's gone a really random colour! :) xx

  11. Your hair looks so cute up in a ponytail like that! xo

  12. I also really like your hair up! I just can't use curling wands, I have issues!


  13. Love the curly hair on you, wish I could pull it off! so cute (:


  14. That looks amazing! I think I will give it a try!

  15. i love this hair styler too!

    from helen at thelovecatsinc // youtube

    ps. enter my new giveaway to win the ice neon or fruit pastel collection by models own! click here.

  16. that lippyy looks really good on you!


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