Monday, 25 March 2013

Some cheeky little eBay finds! #4

I used to browse eBay alot more than I do now, but tonight I decided to go on a massive eBay shop and I managed to find lots of lovely bargains and pretty things! The previous three eBay finds posts were probably the most popular posts I have ever posted, and I love reading a good eBay finds post too, so I'm going to try and post alot more of these, for mine and your benefit! :)

I absolutely love these style tops in Topshop but for basically half the price I'm tempted to order these in loads of colours! They basically got with everything, and I love wearing a big chunky necklace over the top of polo necked tops and dresses :)
I recently included this jumper in one of my wishlists, and I still long to get it but with my birthday in April I'm not going to buy anything until then as I know someone will ask me what I want and I never know what to ask for!
Okay so it's not the cheapest t-shirt in the world, but who wouldn't want a tee of a cat, wearing a crown and a cape, on a galaxy print background?!

I absolutely love the peplum trend. I think it's so flattering; sucking you in at the smallest part of your body and giving you curves. They can be dressed up with a big chunky necklace, disco pants and heels, or dressed down with a cardigan and jeans :)

I have been meaning to buy some of these french manicure nail tips to do this 'reverse french manicure' nail art but I had no idea they would be this cheap on eBay! I'm excited to order some and start experimenting with my nails :)

I recently got my own black bucket bag from Matalan, but would definitely invest in this one too, because I know when my one eventually falls apart I'm gonna want a new one, it's the love of my life and literally goes with everything! :)

How ridiculously cute are these?! I'm not 100% sure what they are, I think they're more lip balms than lipsticks and they smell fruity and hydrate your lips! :)

Okay how cute are these nail varnishes as well!? I really want to try out the mint colour but it's currently sold out, so it's been added to my wishlist!
Most nail wraps that sell in Topshop and other high street stores are priced around £7, so these for only £1.99 are a bargain. I really like the simple black and silver pattern too :)

I've been looking for a pretty armlet for a while now, and this one is not only gorgeous, but ridiculously cheap too!

Thanks for reading :)
Sorry I kept you guys waiting for MONTHS, I promise there'll be more eBay posts very soon!
Do you have any of these already? Will they be added to your wishlist?
Love Dani


  1. I definitely want a bunny lippy and an ice cream nail polish too cute!

    Kylie x

  2. i LOVE that cat tee, i'm tempted!!


  3. I never find anything good on Ebay! I loveee the dog jumper xxx

  4. I have only just turned to eBay for shopping. you can find so many steals! Just like those peplum tops, they're fabulous. :) x

  5. I have the armlet thing haha. I still haven't worn it though. I love the givenchy dupe, I'm very tempted to get it :P


  6. Those peplum tops are gorgeous, really tempted!
    I love the ice cream nail polish too - how cute!?

    Jesss xo

  7. I love that Zara bag! I'm actually becoming addicted to eBay at the minute. Better calm down seen as though I've got bills to pay now :P xo

  8. that galaxy cat top is adorable!! I love the bunny lip glosses too x

  9. I love the galaxy cat print top xx

    mac lipstick giveaway

  10. OMG wanna buy everything. you find the best stuff on ebay! x

  11. that cat top is amazing- i need it!!!

  12. Love that nail polish! Such cute packaging :)


  13. That ice cream nail polish looks amazing! The bunny lip things look cute too! xo

  14. omgosh love everything you've found! those lip sticks are so so cuteee! :)

    hope you'll visit back


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