Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Motel Rocks wishlist and discount code :)

As a member of the Motel Rocks Street Team, I am constantly browsing (and spending my money) on their website. They have lots of lovely new garments in, and some cute Spring colours appearing too, so I thought I would show you some of my favourites and remind you all of my 20% off discount code which can be used all day everyday! :)

'Hand of Rock' Printed Tank Top - £25.00 (£20.00 with discount code 'floraldanielle')
I can't wait for it to be summer again so that I can wear cute little tank tops and shorts! I think this one's really cute and looks like something you would get from Urban Outfitters.

'Black Smoke' Bodycon Midi Dress - £38.00 (£30.60 with discount code 'floraldanielle')
I love the tie dye pattern on this dress. It reminds me of the dress I wore on Valentines day in my previous post, which can be dressed up with a chunky necklace, or dressed down with a denim jacket and some Vans!

'Brenda' Black Fishnet Skater Dress - £45.00 (£36.00 with discount code 'floraldanielle')
I absolutely love this gothic look.Yet again it could be dressed up or down for the daytime or evening and could be worn in so many ways.

'Black Smoke' Pollyanna T-shirt Dress - £35.00 (£28.00 with discount code 'floraldanielle')
This top is the same pattern as the maxi dress above, and it's so simple yet pretty. This could look really nice with a pair of high waisted shorts and a big statement necklace.

Catalina' Off Shoulder Skater Dress - £38.00 (£30.60 with discount code 'floraldanielle')
I really want this dress! My housemate bought it the other day in red and it's so flattering! It's simplicity also means it can be dressed up or down, and it would look really nice on a night out :)

'Indiana' Blue Paisley Shirt - £42.00 (£33.60 with discount code 'floraldanielle')
I love paisley! This shirt is such a nice Spring colour too, it's making me excited for sun!

Thanks for reading :)
Which are your favourite items from the new Motel Rocks collection?
Happy shopping guys!
Love Dani


  1. I love that paisley top!x

  2. I love the off the shoulder skater dress, it's so lovely!xo

  3. That skater dress is gorgeous! Might just have to treat myself!


    Great blog! x

  4. that fishnet skater dress is to die for!


  5. Hi just found your blog! Gorgeous clothes, love this post. What are your thoughts on the motel rocks sizes? do they come up true to size etc? :)

    If you have a moment, come and say hi on my blog? If you enjoy it, maybe we could follow each other? Lucy xx

  6. I love the fishnet skater dress!
    Gorgeous <3
    UK High Street Fashion & Style

  7. I love every single piece in this post, great picks! xxx

  8. Ooh, I've never come across this brand before. I especially love the black fishnet dress. I might have to put that discount code of yours to good use....


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