Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Wednesday wishlist one :)

I should be getting on with my ridiculous amount of uni work due in in 10 days, but I've come across so many lovely bits this week that I couldn't not put them into a blog post :). I'm gonna start doing a weekly Wednesday wishlist from now on too!

How ridiculously cute?! Harriet has a whole range of hand drawn dogs on iPhone cases, make up bags etc, go check them out! :)

I've literally heard nothing but good things about this mascara. It's quite a lot for a mascara but they do last for a long time so I'll just call it an investment ;)

I've got Benefit High Beam liquid highlighter but I'd really like to try out a powder highlighter. I've heard really good things about this one, and at £10 it doesn't break the bank!

I've had my eye on this jumper for ages. I think I'd prefer a jumper version rather than a t-shirt. I'd like to wear it with a cute little collar coming out of the top :)

My friend Amy from uni ordered these leggings, and I've wanted them ever since! They are from America though so the postage might be quite a lot, and depending on how much you order you may need to pay custom charges so be wary before you make a massive order :). I wish they stocked them somewhere in the UK though, £12.52 is a bargain!

I really want to get myself some new rings and especially some above knuckle rings. This teardrop one from Dixi is gorgeous :)

I've been obsessed with iamVibes clothing since I found them through twitter. Until recently they had a lot of sold out stock, but they've now restocked it all and I'm tempted to buy the whole shop!

As you all know, I'm obsessed with hamsa hands. Long story short, they remind me of a necklace my mum used to wear when I was young and me and my sister want matching tattoos of it. This t-shirt design is so lovely and intricate! :)

Lastly is this gorgeous pendulum necklace from Empty Casket. I've loved this brand for ages and want most of the things on their website, but I was particularly drawn to this necklace after seeing it on Robyn's blog. You can change the stone to go with each outfit you wear which is perfect - seven necklaces in one! :)

Thanks for reading :)
Do you have any of these on your wishlist?
Love Dani


  1. That ring is so pretty, think it might be going on my wish list now! That necklace is a really smart idea, I love interchangeable things like that - so much wear! Great products :) xxx


  2. Do I have any of these on my wish list? I do now!!!
    All of them! I love the jumper, not to thick not to thin! :)

    great post!


  3. I've got Benefit High Beam, and I just bought the Topshop Sunbeam! :) It's lovely, and a little more obvious than the Benefit one :) xxx

  4. love all of these bits - so gorgeous! especially the pug case!

  5. Those leggings are amazing! Admittedly a little out of my comfort zone but if I had them I'd totally wear them x

  6. Ahhh I love the Harriet Gray pug iPhone case! It's so cute! xxx

  7. I need that phone case in my life! And those leggings are stunning! xxx

  8. The pug iPhone case is to die for!!

  9. Those leggings are so nice! Shame about the custom charges :( xx

  10. I absolutely love the phone case! I've been really wanting to try 'They're Real' too. xo

  11. Really wan the Rottweiler jumper! £25 isn't bad either x

  12. Ugh, I WANT IT ALL. You are scaring my wallet, Danielle haha.

    Lela -

  13. Great items! I've been wanting that jumper for ages, may have to buy it soon!


  14. The Empty Casket necklace is so cool! xo


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